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Northridge Financial Partners - Conflicts of Interest

Northridge Financial Partners are obliged to perform business activities in an honest and ethical manner, including the ethical management of any form of conflicts of interest between business and personal relationships. Conflicts can occur when the private interests of a person interferes, or appears to interfere, in any shape or form in line with the interests of Northridge Financial Partners.

Conflicts may also possibly occur as a result of employees of Northridge Financial Partners engaging in separate business activities with a third party. Our strict code of conduct forbids any employee of Northridge Financial Partners to engage in such separate third party activities without receiving prior clearance from Northridge Financial Partners’ Ethics Committee to do so.

Northridge Financial Partners also follows a strict code of conduct when it comes to harassment and discrimination. We provide equal opportunities to each and every employee and have a zero tolerance policy on issues of harassment or discrimination in any form.

We have employees from all corners of the globe and no consideration shall be given to any existing employee’s or qualified applicant’s race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, disability or any other arbitrary basis that would violate any of the applicable laws.

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