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Welcome to Northridge Financial Partners

Northridge Financial Partners is an independent boutique asset management firm which was founded in 1996.  Headquartered in Asia’s financial hub of Hong Kong, our mission is to secure a better future for each and every one of our clients, irrespective of whether you are a large institution, a family business or an individual.

As a boutique firm, we are in a prime position to provide our clients with a highly bespoke service along with customized, innovative financial strategies and solutions to meet their specific needs and objectives. We forge close and long lasting relationships with every one of our clients based on trust, integrity, transparency and a professional level of service.

Each and every client has their own personal circumstances, requirements and objectives, therefore, we provide a myriad of tailor made solutions with the emphasis on assisting our clients to achieve a more secure and rewarding financial future. Our professional advisors come from a wide range of backgrounds, from banking and finance, taxation, law, insurance, investment management and accounting which gives us the ability to provide the best solutions for you.

We are hugely passionate in what we do, and we are dedicated in doing the utmost in helping our clients achieve the life they envision, and leave lasting legacies for their generations and beyond. 

At Northridge Financial Partners, we not only help our clients grow and safeguard their wealth, but more importantly, we show them how to use their wealth to get more out of life.

Our Services

Learn more about the many services we offer our clients here at Northridge Financial Partners.

Risk Management

Northridge Financial Partners provide exhaustive risk analysis capabilities based on our tried and tested risk management methods.

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Alternative investments

Alternative investments open doors for individual investors to gain above average returns whilst minimizing exposure to market risks.

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Asset Diversification

We have determined that the core ingredient of rewarding investment management is to spread your capital across different asset classes.

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