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Northridge Financial Partners' Services

Northridge Financial Partners recognizes that every investor is unique, each with their own personal financial circumstances, future goals and aspirations. To give our clients’ the best possible chance to achieve their financial objectives, we provide a vast array of investment services and solutions spread across a wide range of asset classes. We invest in countless investment products, funds and vehicles on behalf of our client's which is expertly managed by our dynamic personnel and our first-rate knowledge.

Individual Investors

At Northridge Financial Partners, we provide individual investors access to a myriad of investment vehicles that complement every individuals financial goals and requirements. These investment products incorporate the following:

  • Individual equities
  • Mutual funds
  • Exchange traded funds (ETFS)
  • Closed ended funds

Institutional Investors

Northridge Financial Partners offers a vast range of investment strategies and solutions to institutional investors that covers every global market spread across a wide range of asset classes and investment strategies.

We service many financial institutions and organizations, high net worth individuals and traders, which hugely benefit from our extensive range of investment services, in particular risk management.  We administer highly informative in-depth advice with all the latest on the financial markets and we open doors to proprietary trading and investment platforms. Institutional investing consists of the following:

  • Managing equity and fixed income
  • Actively managed (ETFs), equity and fixed income
  • Alternative investments
  • Multi-Asset solutions
  • Advisory Services

Our Services

Learn more about the many services we offer our clients here at Northridge Financial Partners.

Risk Management

Northridge Financial Partners provide exhaustive risk analysis capabilities based on our tried and tested risk management methods.

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Alternative investments

Alternative investments open doors for individual investors to gain above average returns whilst minimizing exposure to market risks.

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Asset Diversification

We have determined that the core ingredient of rewarding investment management is to spread your capital across different asset classes.

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