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Northridge Financial Partners' Management Team

Colin Tan
Chairman & Co. Founder

Colin Tan is the Chairman of Northridge Financial Partners and also one of the co-founders. Since Northridge Financial Partners’ inception in 1996, Colin has built a solid foundation with his experience over the years and has given Northridge Financial Partners a firm presence in the region.

Colin’s leadership skills have rubbed off on all of the Northridge Financial Partners family, in particular his innovation and client focused solutions which are central to his leadership and also the firms. Colin is also on the Board of Directors and takes an active part in the daily running of Northridge Financial Partners.

Prior to founding Northridge Financial Partners, Colin Tan was Communications Director at The Bank of East Asia in Hong Kong. Before moving to Hong Kong, Mr. Tan held a number of senior positions at Beijing based institution Hua Xia Bank where he managed their fixed income division, and contributing to several management committees.

Colin Tan earned his BSc in Economics and Finance from the Central University of Finance & Economics in Beijing.

James Meehan
Chief Executive Officer & Co. Founder

James Meehan is Northridge Financial Partners’ Chief Executive Officer and also Co-Founder along with Colin Tan. Since founding Northridge Financial Partners, James is responsible for overseeing the key operating units. James is heavily involved with the day-to-day running of Northridge Financial Partners, with his key areas of expertise in investment management, risk analysis, research and client services.

Before founding Northridge Financial Partners, James worked for Citi Bank for eight years where he consulted for a number of top companies in Asia in their Foreign Exchange Division. Prior to joining Citi Bank, James held various positions in Asset Management at Melbourne based institution Bank Vic.

James Meehan is a Chartered Accountant with a Masters degree in Accounting & Finance from the Monash University in Melbourne.

Trisha Yeung
Chief Financial Officer

Trisha Yeung has served as Northridge Financial Partners’ Chief Financial Officer since Northridge Financial Partners’ inception. Trisha is responsible for all financial input and ideas, and also with all matters relating to Northridge Financial Partners’ managed assets.

Prior to joining Northridge Financial Partners, Ms. Yeung was Head of Risk for Asia at the Bank of China where she was involved in the operational and investment risk and their Risk Advisory Unit.

Ms. Yeung holds an MSc in Financial Mathematics from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

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